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The Next Generation of Marketing Intelligence

Maximize Marketing ROI 

Increase Media Effectiveness

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Platform Overview

With 20 years of experience behind us & powered by Polaris Research, our next generation performance marketing platform empowers your organization to continuously improve media & marketing performance and increase return-on-investment (ROI).

Subscription Benefits

Our subscription-based approach fits all budgets and routinely generates ROI improvements of 20%+ within six months of subscription activation ... and in some cases, we can even leverage existing, internal marketing mix models to power the platform.

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The illustrations below reflect many of the capabilities that our clients leverage on a daily basis to improve marketing performance.

Portfolio, DMA & Store Level Media ROI Reporting

Marketing Effectiveness by Medium / Tactic

Sales Forecasts, Performance to Target, Weekly Media Contributions

Year-Over-Year Media Sales Contributions & ROI Trending

DMA-Level Media-Stimulated Sales & ROI Reporting

Store-Level Media-Stimulated Sales & ROI

Impact of the Economy on Your Business

Optimize Spending, Plan Budgets, Flight Media


Optimization with Full Media Constraint Capabilities

Media Calendar Development

Media Calendar Sales, Revenue, ROI & Marketing Effectiveness (MES)

Media Calendar Contributions & Weekly Results During Outlook Period

General Subscription Cost Guidelines

With subscriptions starting as low as $2,500 / month with existing models, clients have great flexibility in customizing requirements to meet their needs.  

Subscription costs are based on capabilities included in the subscription (Media Performance Reporting, Forecasting, Macroeconomic Leading Indicators, Simulation, Optimization & Media Calendar Development) & the complexity & number of models authorized.  The availability of data or accelerated development timelines may also impact total costs.